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In 1996, .I saw a little girl who was begging for money in India. You could see her victimization as you looked in her eyes and at the way she had dressed. I hugged her. However, for doing so, I was told off and a stone was thrown at that little girl to go away because she belonged to the untouchables class. It is a memory that hurts me feel like every time I remember, but it also gave a direction to my life.

Over the years like this little girl, I have seen many children who were wounded and very poor in my country as well as other countries.

Every time I filled up with a sense desperation and desire of wanting to do something for them. This was the reason why I became a clinical psychologist and I have been doing volunteering work in all over the world.

I have met many people and minority groups in different cultures. I realized that "Love and Peace" is the most important thing in life. It means you are very poor if you do not have them!

Please go and see poor, victimized and wounded breathtaking people. Feel for them. Work to reduce their suffering! By doing so you will love yourself and your life very much. You will do more for humanity as result of this. And, you will grow more and more and have a deep meaning of life.

There is a Cellaleddin Rumi’s saying  that stays in my heart since I first heard it:
       You will  rise like the Sun if you light a candle for someone who is in pain...
Be the Sun….

with Love,

Ayten Zara

Teşvikiye Mh.

Ihlamur Nişantaşı Yolu Sk. No: 56/4

34365 Şişli İstanbul

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