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Kenya / Busia District (2017)

Kenya is one of the poorest countries in Africa. Our primary aim of this project is to improve psychology and the living conditions of the children in the home. The objectives of this project were to implement psychosocial support activities by organizing art and theraplay activities, and improving the living conditions of the children.

The WHR team stayed in the children home all that time to apply the art and theraplay activities towards different age groups. The long-term food supply and daily and training outfit needs of the children's home were also met.

Additionally, in total 66 large and small size beds (51 large and 15 small) have been donated to use in dorms. Carrying of these beds to the dorms has been cherished and cheered by children and WHR team. Also, a sewing machine has been provided to help generating income for the children home.

Project Period: December 21 - January 1, 2017 (16 days), Project Manager: Ayten Zara, Project Coordinator: Esra Zırhlıoğlu, Project Asisstants: Esra Zırhlıoğlu, Dilan Bozdağ,  Volunteers: Sena Seçkin, Letisya Yancı, Mehmet Sancak, Ceyda Sezgin, Seher Tarhan, Merve Sakınç, Sevcan Uysal.

Teşvikiye Mh.

Ihlamur Nişantaşı Yolu Sk. No: 56/4

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