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Van / Başkale / Kırbalı Village (2017)

Van/Başkale is the highest residential regions of Turkey. This region is marginalized sociocultural, has the lowest rate of girl`s education, and child marriages and female death rates are high. Moreover, due to stubborn winter conditions reaching to school far away from the village is also very difficult. For this reason, the primary objective of this project is to ensure that more children can receive their education right by increasing the accessibility of education. This support for education is an important step to prevent early marriages.

Through the reconstruction of this school, WHR ensures the access to 1 nursery class and 2 primary education classes with teacherage. The construction of the school building has been met the criteria of the Ministry of Education requirements. Furthermore, the school has been equipped with indoor furniture by Provincial Directorate for National Education (desk and benches) and educational materials by WHR and its partners (library, books, notebooks, pencil sets, bags, etc.).

Through the project, WHR team has contributed to all the work in the area. In addition to assisting the construction team, 3 hour long psychological support activities had been carried out. The team of WHR hosted by the villagers in their homes, and the village folk has had a strong bond and this bond had been a primary reason for the social change. Each member of the WHR team has been a role model for families and the children on getting education. To add, the villagers has been instructive and a formative example on living under challenging circumstances’ necessities to the team members.

Project Period: September-November 2017 (15 days), Project Manager: Ayten Zara, Project Coordinator: Esra Zırhlıoğlu, Project Technical Team: Nurettin Demir, Sinan Kaan Yerli, Hurşit Demir. Volunteers: Dilan Yalım, İrem Akyüz, Ezgi Bingül, Zozan Adsız.

Teşvikiye Mh.

Ihlamur Nişantaşı Yolu Sk. No: 56/4

34365 Şişli İstanbul

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