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Uganda / Bukaya District (2017)

There is approximately 2.5 million orphaned children, and poverty can be seen in almost every section of the community in Uganda. A great majority of these children has been dropped to the orphanages by their families due to poor economic condition. The primary objective of this project is to implement sustainable development, sustainable agriculture and water well and psychosocial support projects.

The WHR project objectives in Uganda can be breakdown into four categories; Psychosocial Support Program, Income Generation Program, Drill a Water Well Program, Agricultural Support Program. Within the psychosocial support program, The WHR team organised a number music, dance, game and art therapy activities to facilitate emotional expression and well-being and social development. The Income Generation Program helped to improve economic conditions of families to reunite with their children who resides in the Karama Children Home and the single mothers by donating farm animals (a cow, chicken and goat). To improve of the access of a clean water in the village WHR drilled a new borehole equipped with a human-operated pump. Within the scope of a sustainable agriculture project, the 10.acre of Karama Children's House was prepared and various vegetable seeds were planted by volunteers.  In addition, support for sustainable food production has been provided by the planting of fruit trees (such as orange and mango trees) and other gardening works.

These works, which constitute a strong link between Bukaya people, Karama children and WHR team, have been an instructive and developing example with the fusion of two different cultures.

Project Period: July 25 - August 10, 2017 (15 days), Project Manager: Ayten Zara, Project Coordinator: Esra Zırhlıoğlu, Project Asisstants: Tuğçe Merve Aytaç, Beyza Köseoğlu,  Volunteers: Kübra Arıkan, İrem Soyturk, Irmak Bakırezen, Ecem Uysal, Can J.Page, Cheta Akuche.

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