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Malawi / Dedza Region / Mtakataka Village (2019)

The Republic of Malawi is located in the southeastern part of the African continent and is one of the poorest countries in the world. The problem of access to clean water, which is one of the main problems of the African continent, is seen as a more essential need in Malawi and its rural areas. Malawi is one of the top 5 countries in the world ranking where child marriages are common, and more than half of the girl population is forced into early marriage. Moreover, accessibility to education is low due to insufficient economic and social conditions, especially in rural areas, as well as the limited number of buildings that can handle the existing student capacity.

Women and girls are often subjected to sexual and physical violence, but unfortunately have to live with violence due to the lack of shelters. In collaboration with Region councilor Gift Balaka and the Chief of the Dedza District Theresa Kachindamato, whose work is respectful against child marriages and sexual violence;

  1. The Construction of the Mtakataka Village School has started and is in progress. 

  2. Shelter project for the protection and housing of women and girl victims of violence has been launched and in progress.

  3. Two water well projects have been completed in the Mtakataka Village School garden and the Mtakataka Village in order to provide access to clean water in the Dedza Region.

  4. A very extensive psychosocial and academic support activities were carried out for approximately 500 children and adolescents from different villages from the Dedza region.

Project Period: August-September 2019, Project Manager: Ayten Zara, Project Coordinators: Dilan Bozdağ , Esra Zırhlıoğlu, Project Asisstant: Beyza Köseoğlu. Project Technical Team: Sinan Kaan Yerli. Volunteers: Kaan Demir, Duygu Solmaz, Alihan Yılmaz, Duru Eğilmez, Merve Gençer, Aleyna Aydoğdu, Can Jack Page, Joseph.

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