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Mardin / Mazıdağı / Ömürlü and Yücebağ Villages (2019)

Mardin Mazıdağı is a residential area where blood feuds and early marriages are common. The region is under the intense exposure of violence and abuse which is influenced by the traditional patriarchal structure of the region, religious beliefs, ethnic and cultural structures. One of the primary objectives of the project is to provide children with the skills to learn their rights, protect themselves from sexual violence, express their feelings and solve problems through psychosocial support activities. With the Omurlu and Yucebag Villages Primary Schools built in the villages, the accessibility of children to education was increased, and with this support and the education provided to families, early forced marriage was tried to be prevented.

In the early years of marriage, cases of violence against children is often one of the reasons underlying the observed lack of parental illiteracy and the inability to have enough knowledge on the subject. Studies on gender-based perception of the local people, conflict resolution and literacy learning enabled the project to be completed successfully.

In Omurlu Village 3 classrooms, 2 toilets; and in Yucebag Village 2 classrooms, 2 toilets, 1 reading room and 1 teachers lounge schools were constructed. The construction of the school building was completed in accordance with the criteria of the Ministry of National Education (MONE). In addition, the school interior furniture (such as benches, chairs and boards) was met by the Ministry of National Education, while all the educational needs of the students (library, kindergarten materials, stationery, bags) were provided by WHR.

Project Period: June-July 2019, Project Manager: Ayten Zara, Project Coordinators: Dilan Bozdağ , Esra Zırhlıoğlu, Tuğçe Merve Aytaç, Project Asisstants: Beyza Köseoğlu, Ecem Uysal. Project Technical Team: Sinan Kaan Yerli,  Nurettin Demir, Erhan Demir, Tarık Akan, Hurşit Demir. Volunteers: Kaan Demir, Didem Sercan , Sena Elbaşı, Duygu Solmaz, Melisa Cenal, Senem Cenal, Duru Eğrilmez, Zeliha Gürel, Peren Türk, Tolga Erdoğan, Yağmur Şahnaoğlu, Can Toğa, Ayten Hazel Berçin, Özlem Şimşek.

Teşvikiye Mh.

Ihlamur Nişantaşı Yolu Sk. No: 56/4

34365 Şişli İstanbul

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